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What's Happened to Dr Jonathan Kerr?


คภภเє ɠรค๓թєl
I thought I saw a paper with his name on it recently...but I can't find it now. maybe I was confused about what year it is currently.


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Jonathan Kerr has resurfaced!

He's working at Nuffield Health's Exeter Hospital, a small (47 bed) hospital in Devon. He is one of 3 haematologists employed there. The other 2 work there part-time.

That sounds like a huge come-down, in the sense that he's moved from a highly prestigious appointment at a prestigious London hospital, where he ran his own lab, to a dead end job in regional oblivion. Before this move, he'd spent more than 20 years climbing the career ladder. Maybe he likes the rural life, or has family reasons to be there; but it sounds like his decision to work on ME/CFS ruined his career.

I agree with the last sentence, but unfortunately this is not the same Jonathan Kerr. His license lapsed a couple of years ago; it was reinstated a year ago, but with no hospital affiliation.
United Kingdom
I just came across this thread and was wondering the same thing. I don't think that Exeter Dr is the same
I just searched for him on the GMC website and it said this...
Very odd!!
A x
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