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What to do about positive H2S test?


Senior Member
London, UK
My doctor is about to treat me with antibiotics for bacteria overgrowth in the gut followed by heavy dose pro biotics.

A CDSA showed that I have alot of bad bacteria and have had a positive H2S test.

I will post an update of how I get on as after the treatment of antibiotics as I will get another H2S test and will be interested to see if it makes any difference.

Does anyone know what Dr Meirleir uses as a protocol to fix this issue?

Also has anyone tried enteric coated peppermint oil, I read somewhere this is worth while?


Still working on it all..
Melbourne, Australia
De Meirleir's approach here.
This report is a little dated but still relevant. He doesn't have a one size fits all approach, he treats what he finds. We can have variously different dysbiosis, so will need different antibiotics and probiotics. Some are advised to take VSL#3 while I take S.Boulardii. Some will also take all or some of digestive enzymes, betaine hcl, l glutamine and chlorella etc.