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What the rest of the world is saying about XMRV


Senior Member
Bay Area, California
Maybe the story will continue one day. Right now I'm more interested in those pretty blue retroviruses. I wonder in what part of my body they're hanging out. I wonder what they would think of vodka!

lol Gracenote!

Thanks for the tip Sarah, I will try it next time I need to. I'm able to tolerate small amounts of alcohol for some reason.


Perth Australia/NC USA
After looking at the Diagnose Support website that Carla-nl set up for XMRV news around the world, I got curious about what scientists from around the world thought about the XMRV discovery. Below are translations from two of articles that caught my attention. Part funny:D Part scary!!:eek:

Chronic fatigue syndrome - a contagious thing?
This is from a Moscow news source.

Chronic fatigue syndrome. Virus, or just weakness? from a Ukraine news source.

Oh My ! :D Now that is funny.


I understood that the cryptostrongylus pulmoni live & multiply in the blood, but the larvae live in the lungs (so they can be coughed up to infect other hosts)?

I could be wrong, but if this is so then just treating the lungs won't help - anyway, the Ivermectin worked for me.