What Questions to ask Rheumatologist?

First time seeing a rheumatologist because ENT docs could not diagnose crimson crescent many months long sore throat with sores inside cheeks mouth.
Need to r/o dx for Lupus?
And also osteo arthritis in knees
What blood tests? sero neg arthritis ? ANA?

(My EBV panel is pos., BTW. Taking Vit D and Famcyclovir 1000mg)


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Hi, @josephine2

I can only respond briefly today, but two initial thoughts come to mind:

1) mouth sores are often a feature of Bechet's disease

2) persistent sore throat can be associated with adult-onset Still's disease

Of course, I have no idea what your other symptoms are, so these two ideas may be wildly off base. But I wanted to mention them to you in case you were not familiar with these conditions. I believe both of these diseases fall into the domain of a rheumatologist.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you will let us know how your appointment goes!
I would want to know what other illnesses within the realm of Rheumatology could possibly causing the symptoms. For example, could they order tests to rule out autoimmune disorders. And if there's an autoimmune component to your illness, what options are available to pursue?