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What HR monitor works for you?


Senior Member
Sleepy Hollow Canada
I'm on my second HR monitor and thought it might be useful to get the input of others.
My first was the Polar F4, but the alarm was almost inaudible

I am now wearing a Polar RS100. The alarm is not too soft, but not so loud that that it would attract attention from others. The chest strap is ok, but I would be pleased if I could find a wrist only model that did continuous monitoring.


Senior Member

I just got back from the Lapp clinic and Dr. Black just mentioned Polar with a chest strap. I need to buy a new one as I've combed through my usual rats nests and can't find the old one. I must have been programmed wrong because it never went off! Per your review, I'll get the RS100. Thanks


disjecta membra
Los Angeles, CA
My current model is a Polar, one of the simplest ones they make: Polar FS1.


The alarm on this one is high-pitched and a little annoying, but I have no problem hearing it. (My 71 year old mom couldn't hear it, but her hearing is a lot worse than she lets on anyway.) There is a certain embarassment factor in having it go off in public settings, so I sometimes turn the alarm off and just try to look at it fairly frequently instead. Pretty sure I'm the only person on the city streets who is constantly looking at a watch and then *slowing down.*

The more expensive models have more features, which I don't particularly have a use for, but it is important to get a model with a chest strap. Heart rate monitors without chest straps are not very accurate. Polar and Cardiosport are the best brands; Consumer Reports also liked some Timex models last time they did reviews. I think you can usually expect to pay $45-$55 or so for the simplest models and much more for the kinds with bells and whistles.