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What has improved your quality of life?

vision blue

Senior Member
Nice topic. I'm super interested in people's replies, too.

Increase quality of life:

1) 3 echo dots and 1 echo show. I have them read me wikipedia articles on loads of different topics, stream a few radio stations, read me books (NOT audiblle), remind me of things several times a day, seem to very frequently ask for the time and weather in my and other placses, ask it questions, e.g. yesterday by midday I had asked: What states border on South Carolina? When was Hilary Clinton secretary of state? HOw long can cocoa butter keep in the fridge? What is the height of the fairy penguin? And then in addition, I have played games on it- right now , fave is "animal letters", chat with the "chat bots", even play "knock knock" jokes when in th emood or ask for a limerick. Oh and music. Exploring different music (and on the show you get lyrics) . All this is free. And of course can do this all from bed or from any room and near any location in my home. Was life changing for me and has greatly improved quality of my life

2) Kindle
Read everytihhng without eyestrain or lifting a heavy book. fully adjustable lighting and font size and type. First one i had i quicly sent back as useless but a friend said, hey you got the wrong one, and gifted me one. That too changed quality of my life and like the echo dot , i cna't imagine life without it now.

3) I sleep in my closet

4) Have a small park with a creek 200 ft. from my door, and found a more natural wooded trail 1.5 miles away

5) Fewer in-person medical visits

Decrease quality of life:
1) Noise
2) Lack of control over my environment or body
3) Interrupted sleep
4) having to do everything on internet which hurts my neck, shoulders, and eyes
5) False friends

In rereading my own lists, it's interesting that the things that have changed quality the most for me are lifestyle things.