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What does high red cell magnesium mean?


I posted this elsewhere but notice that few visitors go to those threads so thought I would try here. I hope people don't mind.

My wife and 2 of my girls have ME/CFS. We are working our way through Dr Nathan's book and have just got some test results back. We could not get the intracellular magnesium test in NZ but got a red cell magnesium test. People with ME/CFS tend to be low but all three in my family were above the normal level. Does anybody know what this means? I've searched the web and there is lots on low Red Cell Mg but nothing on high.

the norm is 1.88-2.44 mmol/L

my wife is 3.31
one daughter is 3.83
and the other is 2.74

none of them have supplimented with magnesium

Thanks for your thoughts



Senior Member
Logan, Queensland, Australia
Hi dmbaken, are there any mines or large industrial projects, including ports, nearby? This looks initially like it might be environmental. Another issue might be if you are drinking bore water. I could be wrong though, I have not encountered this problem before. Bye, Alex
Hi Alex3619,

thanks for your reply and thoughts.

We don't live anywhere industrial and never have but we have been living on a farm for the last 10 months. I will check if we are drinking bore water. However, I think this is unlikely the cause as we had another daughters bloods checked and her RC Mg was normal.