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What department and what doctor we will go to when/if treatment comes out


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I was just on the phone with swedish onkologist Ola Lindns colleague and talked about Rituximab (Mabthera) and the effects the norweigans have had and they found the whole thing VERY interesting. When I asked what department in the hospitals that will treat us if Rituximab turns out to really be the cure/treatment for ME/CFS, she guided me to Reumathology or Neurology and after having digged for a while I think it will be the Reumatologydepartment since they deal with diseases most like ME. (Autoimmune diseases among others.) as SLE, Sjgrens and artrosis.

So I'll call them later today and also the neurologydepartment and see what they say, I'm myself curious as to what kind of doctor one goes to with ME. I'll post on here when I've gotten answers. Now this is just in sweden and in my town plus a universityhospital in a town close to mine but it should be the same worldwide as far as I've understood. If it goes under reumathology it does, and if neurology, it does.


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From what I've heard here, infectious disease specialists seem fairly common too.

As far as I know, we haven't really been pinned down to a specialty area yet, which is probably part of the problem in getting well-informed treatment. I think it's tough for doctors to place us when our symptoms cover so very many systems.

I would guess that we may not firmly fall under any particular specialty area until they get a better handle on what's at the heart of our problems and how to treat it. In the mean time, I think various people from various specialties seem to be treating us depending on their own inclinations.