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What Are Your Most Amusing (Or Disconcerting) Brain Fog Experiences?


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I took some classes and went out a lot with one of my parents but I was too unstable on the road and it wasn't a matter of getting used to it. I technically can drive but that doesn't mean I should, if I go really slowly I might be able to get to a nearby grocery store and back but nothing too crazy.
I recently had to drive my husband home after surgery and was so grateful that the hospital was a mere few blocks away from our house. Even so, it was nerve wracking.


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I didn't realize this last weekend was daylight savings time here.

I don't watch TV and haven't been looking at the emails from my church that would normally remind me. (The print on my phone email has gotten too small for some of these things.)

So I completely missed changing my clocks and was walking around this morning wondering why some said one time and some said another.

However, for some odd reason I've been feeling like something has been off for weeks with the clocks but never investigated before this. Yikes. Talk about confusion within confusion. :(

Edit: I just realized I'm going to have to work harder now at moving my bedtime back...so hard for those of us with delayed sleep phase and/or sleep inversion but I've been trying.

Oh, well at least the sunset will be later in the day. :)
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