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Were You Part of an Outbreak?

Wild Wild West, US
Part of an outbreak?

I live in the San Francisco area. I came to live here in the summer of 1969 when I was barely a teen. Lake Tahoe is only about a 4 or 5 hr drive depending on traffic. It has been my weekend getaway spot for skiing, camping, fishing, gambling for as long as I can remember. School trips, girlfriend weekend, and later, favorite spot for me and DH.

We used to take off early on Friday's drive up there and ski all weekend during the winter months. In the summer we would go boating and water skiing, or just go to the casinos and party all weekend.

My boss had a condo in Incline Village and we used to meet there and ski together with his family.

Am I part of the outbreak? I don't know. I wasn't properly diagnosed until 1998 and that was with FM. It was through my own research that I figured out that I first had mono and had CFS first. I had to ask my doctor to test me for it and he concurred as I was positive for EBV Mono and I was finally diagnosed with CFS in 2008.

That seems kind of late for the original outbreak there. All I really know is that this illness stopped me in my tracks. Life interrupted!


Senior Member
Bay Area, California
Hi Sleepwalking,

I used to go to Tahoe for weekends quite a bit too to ski and dance and play in the snow. I find my disease process fits exactly with the Tahoe cohort.