Week 6 on Valcyte


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Ever since the 3rd week and dropping my dosage in half, things have really gone downhill. I can't say that the Valcyte isn't working but I surely don't feel the way that I did on the first few weeks when I felt like I could reach out and crush the stars. Now I am just pretty much back to struggling along and finding out new ways to not fall sick everyday. Very disheartening. Sometimes I stare at the bottle of Valcyte and wish that I could go back to the double dose.

I am experimenting with other drugs again. Cycloferon and maybe Famvir (nod to Heapsreal). Maybe even gamma globulin therapy if I can find a way for my insurance to pay for it. My IGM lvls are in the 200s and the normal range for a healthy person is in the 400s. Insurance wont pay until i fall into the 50s. So basically the only way I can get on that therapy is if I am half dead and coming dwn will all sorts of rare infectious dieseases.
I stumbled across a Russian/Chinese drug too: Arbidol.

My sister is struggling with a very similiar condition to mine. She has a Candida infection that just wont go away either. I am beginning to suspect a very strong genetic component to this and that somehow both me and her ended up with lousy immune systems. Sometimes I wonder what chance we even have when we can't even keep such common germs at bay to lead a normal life.

It spills over to the nervous system alot too. We both find it hard to cope with stress.