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Webinar: Defining CFS coming April 14


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On Wednesday, April 14th, (2:00 p.m. EST) the CFIDS Association will host their next webinar on Defining CFS: Diagnostic Criteria & Case Definition. Here is info. on the upcoming webinar from the registration page:
In the absence of biomarker that can be reliably used to diagnose CFS, research on and care of people with CFS rely on how the illness is defined. Dr. Leonard A. Jason of DePaul University has been engaged in several of the efforts to craft meaningful definitions for CFS. He will discuss the various CFS case definitions, how they impact research and care, and how the definitions might be improved to better serve researchers, clinicians, and patients


thanks oerganix

here's the link to the CAA webinar registration page

liked this bit re Dr Jason, one of long-time researchers and advocates

Dr. Jason has edited or written 21 books, and he has published 524 articles and 77 book chapters on ME/CFS; recovery homes; the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse; media interventions; and program evaluation. He has served on the editorial boards of ten psychological journals, and has served on review committees of the National Institutes of Health.