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Weak/fatigued upper arms and legs?

To preface my short journey so far with CFS, I believe it was catalyzed by a traumatic event last year in June, at age 16. I began to have pretty bad fatigue afterwards, PEM, dizziness, occasional brain fog, but thankfully not many other symptoms, which was why I had a hard time believing it was CFS for a while, till all my tests came back negative and the issue persisted for so long.

After many months my muscles started to atrophy since I hadn't really been doing much to treat myself at all. I went to a children's hospital program in April because I was still 17, and that helped me improve a lot. I learned a lot of what was holding me back was mental, although of course not all of it. I learned good pacing skills, and managed to expand my envelope by a lot. Because of the nature of how I got CFS, I notice my PEM centers around elevated periods of stress, although excessive exercise does it as well, and I have pretty terrible anxiety so this is experienced often, though not usually severe.
THE POINT (sorry, I like details)
Recently I was on a nice vacation, my energy was fairly good with proper pacing, and I was managing to walk around much more than I had since I had been sick with some PEM but not severe at all. Once I got back, I had to face the reality of the many many new stressors in my life right now (I won't go into those details). I had a relapse in my PTSD which then caused a pretty bad CFS flare/relapse.

After several nights of bad sleep I developed a dry cough deep in my throat that has been here for about 3 weeks and has not changed at all, sometimes my chest feels pretty heavy and breathing is more difficult (this could be anxiety though). I also began to feel slight weakness in my arms, which was on and off for a few days, although now is pretty much completely on, and much more intense than I had ever experienced. I also had a low-grade fever last night that I managed to sleep off. My mood has been all over the place, up and down, and I've lost quite a bit of weight, although it may be because my anxiety is pretty bad and I have a hard time eating when anxious.

Although I hesitate to label it as weakness because I still can pick things up and move them, they're just very easily tired and I have to struggle to raise my arms, when I lower them down they actually shake quite a bit. Typing this is also taking a toll on them. It's not like I can't do it, there's just significant discomfort, though it's hard to describe. It's like I simply don't have any energy being sent to my arms. I am also experiencing this issue with my upper thighs, not as bad, maybe because I don't use them as much. Exercise is out of the question, or at least as intense as I could do it just a few days ago.

The last day I was feeling perfectly fine besides my usual fatigue was just several days ago, and I had even gone on a short shopping trip where I did quite a bit of walking, although I definitely had pushed myself. The next day went alright, and I managed to draw quite a bit. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. The day after was when the arm fatigue/weakness began, and is still to the point I definitely don't want to try drawing, which is one of my only non-medication stress reliefs so imagine my joy. The weakness/fatigue also fluctuates quite a bit. It's better in the mornings, at night, and right after I've rested.

I know I should give it longer and see if it goes away, because in all likelihood it probably will, but I'm very paranoid in terms of my health, and always make a mountain out of a molehill. I'm just concerned because I have never felt this symptom for such a long period of time, or so intensely. I desperately hope it doesn't develop into a constant thing.

So, if you managed to read that all, bless your soul.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? How long did it last, or when did it start in regards to your CFS in general? What helped you improve if it was a constant thing? Could this be non-CFS related?