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Water soluble Coq10, a more effective version?


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Haven't posted much the past few years, my issues have sorted out to having necrotizing autoimmune myopathy that retuximab has been addressing and neuro issues from scoliosis and spondylosis.
One constant issue has been pain in the ankle and foot from muscle hypertonicity and rigidity that I've been taking methocarbamol for.

Long story short, this water soluble coq10 is amazing compared to the usual brands.
Taking high dosages, I was able to stop taking the muscle relaxer that gave me drowsiness issues.
I've done experiments before with high dosage coq10 like Qunol and Doctors Best, never an improvement over the 100 mg twice a day thats been my routine for the past 5 years.

Sold in Europe under the Eufortyn Q-Ter brand names, a similar US version is Q-Gel licensed to various vitamin companies.
I bought Swansons Q-Gel Mega 200 and taking one 3 to 4 times a day was effective in reducing my ankle and leg pain.
This week I've lowered it to 100 mg the same times per day.
I've also started on creatine, its one of the secondary components of Eufortyn so I want to see if it finally has an effect on me.

If you do a search on Eufortyn or Q-Ter coq10 you'll find many studies in italian but a few in english.
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