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Water intoxication? And the complications of IC


Senior Member
Earlier this week I had a TTT (which I posted about in another thread), the doctor wants me to increase salt and water intake. He said to drink 2L per day, or close to 3L would be better. Normally, I probably don't get 1L of fluid per day. I know I'm thirsty most of the time yet I still drink very little.

Yesterday I increased my water intake to over 2L and I didn't feel well all day. I think because I've experienced this feeling in the past, I usually limit my water intake. When I've had to water load prior to a pelvic ultrasound for example, I really do feel intoxicated. As for urination, some days it seems like I urinate a lot (frequency, urgency and volume) and others days like I don't urinate much at all, only a few times/day. Yesterday seemed like I didn't urinate often. I've read about diabetes insipidus but I don't think I urinate excessively although I think I usually urinate out more than I take in. I did a self test one day and drank 7.5 cups/day and output was 10 cups.

This doctor also wants me to take Midodrine. I took 1 pill yesterday morning and was alert for only about 3 hours afterwards and then I got really tired, but I think that was because this was also the time I was drinking (too much) water.

Recently I've realized I may have IC (which I posted about in another thread). I experience intense pain but diet changes have been helping a lot. I'm avoiding fruit juices (except low acid apple and pear), green tea, sodas, and anything with artificial sweeteners. One of the reasons I clued in to IC was after a wkend of drinking sports drinks and having horrible bladder pain. I've tried to drink water with salt added in the past, but I gag and can't get it down. Even Dr. Cheney's homemade gookinade says to use seltzer water, which I hate anyway, and is also a no-no on IC diet lists. I had some Pedialyte today and now I have some low back/pelvic pain.

Any thoughts on how I can stay hydrated without loads of water, and get electrolytes without irritating the bladder?


Senior Member
Have you tried salt tablets? I have used Thermostat (or is it Thermatab? I can't remember the name right now). This is much better than trying to take water/salt solution. Also to avoid bladder irritation (and you may already be doing this), use Sea salt rather than regular table salt. It is alkaline as opposed to the acidic table salt.

Banana's are the only true alkaline fruit but pears are a good second choice. Also try taking digestive enzymes with your food. I used to have to take Prevacid all of the time but it is not at all good for you. I was able to switch to digestive enzymes and I have not need Prevacid ever since (several years now).

Also eat lots of greens (lettuces, spinach etc.) they are very alkaline and will help keep your bladder alkaline. A good mineral mix is also essential in helping to keep the bladder alkaline--magnesium, calcium, potassium. Try to take several doses throughout the day or at least morning and evening.

If you can keep the bladder alkaline and use sea salt to help retain water it should allow you to keep the IC under control and use sea salt on your food and then drink however much water you are able to take.

IC is an inflammatory illness. So if you do have it your bladder lining is inflamed. I take two natural anti-inflammatories. The first is Bromelain and the second is Quercetin.

I also take Florinef which holds in the water to increase blood volume. It doesn't bother my bladder and I have IC pretty severely.


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I recently told my naturopath about a tendency to fall down; he immediately muscle tested me for dehydration (!) and it turns out I in fact was really dehydrated.
I told him about my IC issues and he ageed, yes, it's stupid to drink more water when your body can't hold onto it, which then just aggravates an already overworked urinary system. He gave me electrolytes, and told me to drink only as much water as I'm comfortable with. This has definitely helped, though
I still do feel somewhat dehydrated.