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Was wondering about glutamine and NAC

Is glutamine an amino acid that generally keeps the homocystein at work?

Meaning you need a working homocystein to tolerate glutamine.

Is high homocystein also an indicator for high Noradrenaline?

I have started to feel bad from NAC but im not sure why, it could be because I started taking glutamine before that and felt pretty okay on it. But it all changed when I took NAC after a short period of smaller doses of Glutamine.
Now when I take NAC it feels like Noradrenaline goes to the roof and also TMG.

My theory is that glutamine have used up all the good neurotransmitters I had from serotonin, maybe by creating GABA because I felt good after a few days with Glutamine. So after another few days I took a NAC and that's when the problems came back.

My logic says I should avoid Glutamine at all costs and now slowly build up tolerance again towards a lower homocystein.