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Warning about MicroGenDX


Senior Member
Seeing other reports about providers that treat us like bags of money, was reminded of my bad experiences with this supposedly high tech company.

Back when I could still (barely) manage blood tests, I did one and sent FedEx because it needed to be tested immediately with their NGS to look for all pathogens - viruses, bacteria, etc. Sounded great.

They received it and then…nothing.

Every day I would call or email and they would say they were working on it, the portal had problems, etc.

After over a week, they sent me a PDF that just said NEGATIVE and I never received any further suggestions other than boilerplate language that said the microbial concentration might be too low, or the sample might have degraded. The report said a week elapsed between RECEIPT and COMPLETED, but they claimed the sample was run the day it was received.

Also very unpleasant billing interactions with some supervisor Shannon and the Director Dedra - and you start to see a company culture.

Anyways, just wanted others to know my experience. I wish there were some good labs that didn't feel like they were either preying on us, or ignoring us.

Noticed this story about them as well - looks like the same sketchy Florida company.

FDA investigates lab as tens of thousands of COVID-19 test results in Florida are questioned​