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Vote to get money for Simmaron Research Foundation (free and easy)


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This is very easy. Ideally vote daily (I don't know how long it is going to go on for), but any votes would be good.

It is very easy. You just click on the link below, then after a few seconds a box comes up with info and click on Vote Then a box comes up and you click on "I am not a robot" and input your email address. That is it.

I hope this link works. http://mygivingstory.givingtuesday.org/fbcontests/profiletab/MyGivingStory/2730817

I have done a few of these internet voting things and a few of them were successful at getting money for ME projects. This one is particularly easy.

This is a link to the Simmaron Research Foundation website scientific advisory panel http://simmaronresearch.com/scientific-advisors/