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Columbus, Ohio
In the summer I came down with covid and this set me back. I then turned on VNS and I went from too tired to talk to riding my bike everyday and having just about no limits on what I could do physically. VNS was a super powerful tool and I had it turned up to 1.0 mA with a 30 sec on, 5 min off duty cycle.

Unfortunately life has really gone down hill. Over the summer I began to do neurofeedback on myself and I got myself to a great place before I got covid, but I also induced OCD. I would gladly trade where I am at now for where I was then. I went back to Columbus from Austin to try and fix this with a doctor and all things went to hell. I now am mostly couchbound and cant sit up straight, I cant tolerate any of the meds or vns that have helped me in the past, I have derealization pretty much 24/7, I get huge adrenaline surges and have had to move back home temporarily (Hopefully).

Overall, I would rate VNS as a highly useful tool. It is insanely powerful. While mine is implanted, I am sure the transcutaneous versions could help a lot of those suffering.