vitamin b12 injections

Berkshire UK
I have ME and am looking to book a Vit B12 injection. I’m not deficient but have heard this can help with debilitating fatigue. I know private energy injections are becoming a bit of a celebrity fashion purchase but just wondering if anybody has ever tried ...

Also wondering if we know if long covid sufferers are getting anything that we could be trying ... even supplements. I’ve given up on trying supplements as so expensive and I’ve never been consistent with noticing a difference. With ME being so changeable it’s hard.

Thank you for any ideas of experiences. I’m in the UK so might have to try BUPA .... Boots possibly or private provider,

I have severe ME and have to use a powerchair outside or out of the house.

Thank you



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Pacific Northwest
You can do self-injections at home with a doctor's prescription. I've done well with them as well as IV nutrients given in a doctor's office. There is also topical B12 oil you put in your skin.

They would be helpful if you are indeed deficient in B12, and it's the only nutrient you need. However, nutrients do not work in isolation, they work together as cofactors in biochemical processes.

MethylB12 is a key player in the methionine cycle, a part of the process of methylation, important for immune function, copying if DNA, catecholamine production and detoxification. It works in concert with folate, B2, B6, methionine, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, and, sling with glycine, glutamine, and cysteine, mashed glutathione, our body's most powerful antioxidant. Glutathione mobilizes toxins, and water, fiber, B1 and molybdenum are needed to excrete the toxins or they can get redeposited in the body if the body can't get rid of them.

Not to try to scare you out of it, but a high quality multivitamin, like the ones from Thorne Research or similar, may be more helpful, unless you have a blatant need for just B12.

If you do indeed need only B12, you would probably want adenosylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin or methylcobalamin, and not cyanocobalamin, which contains a cyanide molecule that must be detoxified on the way to making full use of the B12.


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According to swedish doctors methylcobalamin injections do help some CFS patients. My quess is that weather it helps or not, depends atleast your gene mutations. I have two mutations in methylation. During summer I don't need as much injections than in winter. But I inject year a round and I inject under my skin (subcutaneously) with thin one inch needle. My dosage is 2,5mg, four times a week.

The longer one injects, the better results. I have been injecting for four years. I noticed first effects after one week. I inject in the evening since it seems to improve my sleep. It does not help my fatique but cognitive functions such as irritative mood, stress, depression, memory and ability to concentrate. I also tried adenosyl cobalamin. It further improved my cognitive functions if injected together with methyl cobalamin, but only in winter. I stopped using it because it was unconvenient to inject and expencive.

Vitamin D3 injections help my headache and half a dozen other symptoms but it does not help with my fatique. The sunshine does. I spent a lot of time in the sunshine. Every Spring, after about two months I start to feel the effect. At first it feels lousy and I can't be in the sunshine more than maybe 15 minutes. I lie in my matress. But after three months I can go in for my hobbies....until September. Around Christmas I am bed bound again until May. My vitamin d level is pretty high: above 250nmol/l. When it was lower that 100nmol/l, I barely felt the positive effects of it.