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Vitamin B1 deficiency - what else to supplement?

Just making another thread specifically about B1 deficiency. I'm refeeding from anorexia and developed a B1 deficiency. I've been taking thiamine HCl (water-soluble) for a couple weeks with no benefit. Muscles are so cramped and stiff I'm having trouble walking. Nerve pain is only worsening.

So, I've ordered benfotiamine 150 mg, should be here in a couple days. How much should I be taking? Is that supposed to increase my whole blood thiamine? I've also bought vitamin B2 - I've not had labwork measuring B2, but I assume I'm low based on history of malnutrition, being a vegetarian, and having been taking B1. I'm having a lot of vision issues (in the past, too) -- extremely dry and gritty eyes, hazy vision, optic disc cupping. I'm not sure what that's related to, but I thought I'd start supplementing with the B2 since it's water-soluble.

What else am I missing? I'm not sure about niacin because I know it's possible to get too much, and I've had vitamin toxicity issues before, specifically B6. I'm upping magnesium glycinate, and trying to get more dietary potassium.


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B1 has the potential to through a whole load of things out of wack. The main ones seems to be magnesium and b3. I should also think the other b vits and potassium.