Vision statements


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Curious if anyone has tried this,,?

Someone suggested it to me and am curious how this can be applied to having me/cfs.Yes sometimes I over identify with the conditon .

I understand there may be a balance of not owning the conditon and another part of me that feels the state of being is the immune system and body functions that is difficult to separate into nonduality.

Sense that there is awareness and its seems to me the awareness is an effect of biological processes in the body/brain and not a separate self

With this being said do you guys visualize what you want your future to look and feel like?
-The people you surround yourself with
-where your energy is being directed
-what good health means to you
-seeing your health improve
-what your relationships with others feels like

I struggle with visualizing positive things looking at immune numbers and knowing there is a degree of proof in numbers and labs

There is part of the mind that visualizes conditon getting worse,another part feeling like it's most likely going to be like this and occasionally a feeling of better

Tuning into the feeling of what you want and how you want the body to feel.Have you attempted visualizing this?