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Virology Blog: Is Vilyuisk encephalitis a viral disease?


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NYC (& RI)
Prof. Racaniello discusses the association of cardioviruses to a Human chronic encephalitis in Russia. My comment is below.


Prof. R,

If I were you I would be sick of hearing lay opinions on potential virus causation of ME ("CFS"), especially in response to a seemingly unrelated post of yours. Sorry. But it seems to me that cardioviruses (the viruses discussed in this post) and closely related enteroviruses are, next to retroviruses, the likeliest cause of ME. The pathology associated with cardioviruses are (often chronic) encephalomyelitis and myocarditis, just as in ME. Enteroviruses have been strongly associated with ME by British researchers and Dr. Chia; and the post-polio syndrome is generally recognized as a form of ME. I'd love to see funding from NIH for research in this area. Any musings on this?


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Many thanks justin - gosh how it all ties up - encephalitis, cardio problems, post polio type problems all part of my own grizzly picture. And also never doubted ME was viral from onset 11 years ago.


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Logan, Queensland, Australia
It is likely that all forms of encephalitis, and probably meningitis as well, can induce ME, or a different disease with very similar symptoms. Lipkin has proposed that there is a subclass he calls Atypical ME in which there is a stable cytokine profile and this includes encephalitis survivors.


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On the anti-viral note, I am happy to share that I have benefited from taking the herb, Andrographis.

Antiviral properties of ent-labdene diterpenes of Andrographis ...
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Recent interest in the antiviral activities of plant ex- tracts has been rekindled and has been the subject of intense scientific investigation. Thus several medicinal plant extracts have shown antiviral activities against some RNA and DNA viruses. Among these plants is Andrographis paniculata Nees (Acanthaceae) which.

Antiviral and Immunostimulant Activities of Andrographis paniculata ...
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Dec 19, 2017 - Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees is a medicinal plant which was reported to have anti HIV, anti pathogenic bacteria and immunoregulatory activities. The research purpose was to investigate the activity of Andrographis paniculata ethanol extract as antiviral and immunostimulant. A. paniculata leaves ...

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