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Videos that Help with Neuropsychological Symptoms and Maintain Daily Routine


Senior Member
Some gameplay videos seem to help with my neuropsychological symptoms and maintain daily routine, I feel that somehow they normalize nervous system function. While it's all anecdotal I wanted to see if anyone else found that some videos are helpful like this.

This Super Mario playthrough helps to get into sleep.
This Minecraft vid helps with maintaining daily routine.
This Serious Sam 2 playthrough helps when I'm too fatigued to watch anything else, but also can't take a nap becouse of "wired but tired" hyperaroused brain state.

If you found a video that helps like this, please post here!


Senior Member
This reminds me of this old thread:

TV Static Cured My ME

You can find some television static videos online, such as here and here. And there are television static animated gifs.

I tried looking at television static, and although it did not help any ME/CFS symptoms, a minute or two looking at TV static makes my eyesight noticeably sharper. So it does seem to tone up the neurons in the retina.