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Video: The Truth About Lyme Disease Dr. Steven Phillips discusses Lyme Disease and dispels myths

Antares in NYC

Senior Member
I think his logical exercise about the rationalization of PTLD is right on. You couldn't apply the same idiotic prínciple to other infectious diseases without being laughed out of the room.

Take tuberculosis. So if after two or three weeks of abx treatment you are still coughing up blood, then you must no longer have tuberculosis, it must be something else. Bunch of fraudsters, really.


Senior Member
Well worth the 40 minutes. The 25 studies by IDSA evangelists that actually prove Lyme persistence post-treatment were revealing on a couple levels.

People who are curious as to why the IDSA's version of the Lyme problem may not be as cut and dried as they think should watch this video. He presents in an easy and comfortable manner, and is compelling in part because much of the case he makes is straightforward common sense.

Thanks for posting, @Antares in NYC .