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Video: Q&A following Unrest screening in Melbourne, Sun Mar 18

Melbourne, Australia
Here is the video of the Q&A which followed the screening of Unrest in Melbourne on Sunday March 18. The panel members were:

Patient advocate: Anna Kerr
Melbourne Bioanalytics researchers: Chris Armstrong and Neil McGregor
Academic & journalist: David Tuller
PhD student: Fane Mensah

Thanks to the organiser, Sacha Bryning, for arranging for the discussion to be recorded.



18 minute mark Neil McGregor presents a bit of research on what he thinks is different in me/cfs patients

- acetyislation isn't working. The enzymes that move acetate around are showing an anomaly. (honestly not sure if acetylisation and acetylation is the same)
- genes viral sentinel proteins seem to be wonky. He's sent these off to Ron to try to verify/duplicate.
- epidermal growth factor and estrogen seem to be off.
- anomalies on g proteins, which are energy providing proteins inside receptors. (which runs on guanine triphosphate) and are inside the central nervous system and can manage responses to light, sound etc.

At the 32 minute mark he says he's looked for genetic differences in nk cells and found nothing.

(I skipped most parts with Tuller and Kerr and just listened when the researchers were talking. I'm sure I missed a lot, but the research is my interest.)

At the 34 minute mark, Chris Armstrong says he's working on the patients at a CBT clinic as a way to try to prove to them the disease is biomedical, and as an olive branch.

42 minute: nf kappa beta/ endotoxin tolerance. a lot of people have this issue. (?)

45 minutes: neil mcgregor wants your 23 and me data. they fuss over how to get you the data in this chat but I'm pretty sure they will accept you just sending it via email.

55. Neil gives big props to Stanford for collaboration and throws a bit of shade on anyone who sits in the backroom and won't collaborate, suggesting they are wasting money.


Senior Member
Good summary Murph! Always been impressed with Mcgregor and Armstrong but was also really impressed with the input of Fane Mensah, seemed like a really likeable guy with a lot to offer to the field in the future!