VERY simple way to get OMF thousands of dollars


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Hey guys so I have a very simple idea. Every day I scroll through this website and I see us all talking about ways to get better, all very desperate to do so. I often think about giving money to OMF. But I couldn’t afford to give much more than $100 bucks, and I think, “Will that even do anything? Im not inspiring many more people to give by doing that and that amount itself won’t do much.“ So in the past I’ve started Facebook fundraisers, but as we know, nobody will ever care about solving this disease as much as we do. So here’s my idea;

I start this thread and it serves as the “100 dollars closer” thread. How it works is I start it off by donating $100 to OMF. And then the idea is every person who sees this thread and likes the concept also donates 100 dollars. If you do that, you simply reply this thread, “100 dollars closer”. As in 100 dollars closer to solving CFS than we were before your donation.

I think it will be important to comment that after making your donation. Because this way we can have a visual for us all to see how our 100 dollar donations are adding up and making a huge impact. I think that’s very different than donating a little money and still feeling like you didn’t make much of a difference. This way we can see that United we are really pushing CFS research forward together in a meaningful way.

There are over 15,000 members on this website. If we all gave 100 bucks that’s 1.5 million dollars. I realize not all those members are active or will give, but let’s see how high a number of donations we can get to.

I will start it off.

100 dollars closer.


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