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Vertigo variations anyone?


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Last summer I had two sudden attacks of what seems like vertigo..Went to ENT and she didn't disagree but looked in my ears and said things looked fine.even though I'd made a link to pressure in my ear and occasional severe pain and some bleeding. Dr just shrugged. .I felt fine when suddenly the world tilted 90 degrees. Both times it only lasted an hour or so, but the second time I felt some mild headache and weird for the rest of the day. It never returned till now, a year later. Only this time I noticed it getting out of bed in morn, where everything just kept rocking and I could only stand or walk by holding into walls and furniture in the house..no way I could have driven. I also had a mild headache or pressure..but not really nausea..just weird. I googled and read aspirin and beta blockers could help so I took those. Lasted all day.

By next day I'm not sure if I was still woozy, or just having anxiety and stress worrying about whether to venture out in the car for something I really needed to take care of. I freak about these unforeseen things as I have no one to call if incapacitated or if I'm in an accident, so I tend to be risk averse. Took the risk and drove and most seemed better but scared to death it will happen again. Specialists had no answers last year, just stressed me out getting caught up with them all telling me something different. I bought motion sickness pills today just in case. I finally have an opportunity to travel to meet my few remaining relatives for the first time, but I haven't been on a plain or traveled by myself in so many years that I was scared already having to rely on TSA help.

Have folks had serious trouble flying airplanes? I did find a direct flight today, only two hours thank goodness,so I don't have to navigate the airport or sit in painful airport chairs. Any advice how to be prepared for a flight with this issue? I've never had " motion sickness" in my life...thought that was just nausea...but I've not had nausea with any of these spells..yet. Is there a progression of this inner ear or vertigo thing? Is there a reason if us happening at the same time of year again? Is there a reason to expect it to get worse or more frequent? Sorry for the lengthy post and many questions, but you guys always have such thoughtful, helpful experiences and suggestions that I trust. And I don't have an md who will give me the time of day. Much gratitude to anyone.


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I don't know if this will help but I have hypermobility in my cervical spine, especially c1, c2 and c3. When those joints are especially "squishy" I can get horrible vertigo even lying still in bed but it is worse when I get up. The room tilts dangerously and I get that for several hours or days afterward.

For me the thing that helped most was going to a good traditional chiropractor. (I say traditional because there are some medical practitioners that try some very dangerous techniques on these delicate vertibrae. I went to one of those kind for several months and didn't realize I was making the situation much worse.)

I've also used the exercises on this website and they help a lot too.


Again, I don't know if these ideas will be helpful. Hope you get some answers soon.
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