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Vascular tone, Nitric Oxide, where to post this study? May relate to OI


Senior Member
Southeastern United States
So I found a study where humans with vascular tone problems (my paraphrasing) took folate and had their vascular tone problems become normal.

The vascular tone problems in the study were an over-dependence on nitric oxide in the body, to regulate vascular tone.

I know different forums here in PE talk about nitric oxide, other forums talk about folate, and other forums talk about OI with some conjecture that OI might be related to something vascular,

Where should I post the study I just found? It doesn't seem to be anywhere here on PE yet.

The vascular tone in the study, that improved with use of folate, was in the eyes and the kidneys. Kidneys regulate blood pressure (hello OI)

Me: drastically low blood pressure, OI, migraines that seem to respond to supplements that change nitric oxide levels, and eye test results showing vascular problems in the eye. (I don't have ME / CFS though)

Would be nice to get some feedback on this study, I'd like to post it in the best place!