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Varicose lymphatics: palpable, swollen lymph vessels

Lancashire, UK
Around a year ago as my fatigue and general symptoms took a turn for the worse, I noticed a lymph vessel on the left of my neck had become enlarged, swollen, and was now palpable. Running from just below my ear most the way down my neck, I believe it is connected to a lymph gland/node that has been swollen for several years.

The one isolated lymph node hasn't bothered me. It did not change in shape or size over time. But the swollen lymph vessel did. It seemed to coincide with a worsening of symptoms and I knew it didn't feel right.

I took to the internet to research what might be going on. Every search gave countless articles on swollen lymph glands and related material. There were surprisingly few results for swollen lymph vessel.

That was until I saw I came across a page or article - I can't quite remember how this occurred - linking ME/CFS to varicose (swollen, enlarged) lymph vessels, and also the Perrin Technique. Now, I'd come across Raymond Perrin's work before, but being somewhat of a skeptic I had dismissed it. But it was clear from further reading that he has seen exactly my problem in other ME/CFS patients he had treated. I was quite taken aback. He described accurately the issue I have in my neck. The varicose lymph vessels are part of his theory of what exactly ME/CFS is, and how he aims to treat it with spinal manipulation and massage.

So, my questions are:
(i) Have any forum members here had experience of this? Note, I am more interested in varicose vessels rather than individual swollen lymph glands/nodes.
(ii) Are you aware of the Perrin Technique, and if so what are your thoughts on his theory? Has anyone tried it?