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Valtrex, valacyclovir dose standard?

What's your antiviral dose?

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Thank you, I also wish you and all ppl. the best. :thumbsup:
About my history: I had the first Fibromyalgia signs 2006 (diagnosed many years later), but was able to manage the chronic pain (weight lifting help me a lot to fight Fibromyalgia).
- so, the real big hassle started 2014 aftering getting cold/flue, this (unknown) infect never really gone.

The doctors told me I have to push myself to get ridd off the fatigue.
I had not known in past anything about ME/CFS and how fatal it is to push yourself if you have such an illness, the endresult was getting bedridden.
Since this time, I have some serious problems with few doctors + their quackery.