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Valganciclovir research paper - Jose Montoya & Andreas Kogelnik


Improved SEIDs from 2 to 4
Eastern NC USA
That's true, but Lerner's is the only study which ran for a long time.

Lerner found that it takes 4 months before the benefits of Valcyte even begin to appear. So at 4 months you will only see the first small inklings of improvement. Thus for Montoya to terminate his Valcyte study at only 6 months was a mistake; he should have run the study for a least 18 months say.

Note also that in terms of antibody blood tests for herpesviruses, Montoya used different study inclusion criteria to Lerner's. Dr Lerner's theory is that ME/CFS is caused by an abortive herpesvirus infection, and thus the testing criteria he used were based on detecting such abortive infections.

A PR forum poll found Valcyte moved 50% of patients trying it up at least one level on the ME/CFS scale of: very severe, severe, moderate, mild, remission.
A study needs at least 30 people. The design of the PR poll doesn't show that it reached the threshold. It also was uncontrolled.