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australia (brisbane)
Hi all,
My cfs is cmv related, i have had good success with famvir (but still have sleep problems and PEM for which all i can do is pace myself etc)but to get that extra edge and hit this infection on the head, im looking at trying valcyte. Im in australia so im not covered for this medication and have to pay full price, for which I am searching and will probably pay around $750 for 60 tabs.

Im after opinions on this. Im looking at taking just 1 valcyte a day with probenecid, i have written about this before but basically it increases blood levels of other drugs and half life, i will have to talk to my doc about this and may not need to use probenecid anyway. At night i will take 250mg of famvir, so it will be valcyte in the morn and famvir at night. I will judge how i go for the first 2 months and if its positive i will continue for 6 months, will stay on the famvir after this though.

All the antiviral experts out there, does this sound like a reasonable way to do this. I will be working with my doc and probably wont start till into the new year. If i continue to improve on famvir and cycloferon which i am currently on, i will put the valcyte on hold abit longer.

Someone else said on another post that they and their doc use low doses of valcyte and have found them to work just as well as higher doses and avoid the toxic affects of the drug. I would be interested to find out more if they can help me out.