Valcyte and exercise

I began taking Valcyte 900mg twice daily and Valtrex on Thurs. of last week and so far I'm fairly okay
with the side effects, limited mostly to a little more fatigue than usual. My question is what are the opinions of people taking Valcyte and rigorous exercise? I have read in several places that exercise can
inhibit the antiviral effectiveness of the medication. I have exercised since beginning treatment
and have been somewhat wiped out afterward, but nothing a nap couldn't resolve. I have been mountain hiking several times a week for seven years now and could not imagine stopping.

I can't believe that as long as the overall physical downside is a minimum, that it could be harmful.
It just seems to make since that getting the blood,heart and lungs pumping would be a good thing.

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Roger~ I was a serious recreational athlete prior to getting ill. I would backpack over rigorous terrain carrying up to half my body weight on my back. I'd ski, hike, mountain bike and swim. Then I got sick, and I had trouble walking outside to get my mail. I have continued to do what exercise I can, because I would go crazy if I couldn't do something. But, exercise takes energy, and your body needs energy to heal, so be careful. I can tell if I do too much....I get worse. I have improved in my health, and I have got stronger with weights at the athletic club. But, as far as aerobics go, I don't do anything that makes me sweat....that is too much for me right now. A half hour slow swim is too much for me now. I can stroll on level ground...that's about it as far as aerobic exercise.

Too much exercise can be harmful. If you want to get well, you have to be careful about over exerting yourself. Do small amounts of exercise to keep your sanity. But, don't overdo it. Looking back, maybe if I hadn't continued to exercise so hard at the start of my illness, my immune system might have been able to battle the pathogens and beat them back....

Best, Timaca
As always thanks for your thoughts, I have read and or seen on video lectures i.e. HHV-6 2008 conference in Baltimore, Md.
viewed at by Anthony Komaroff that have stated there is evidence of fat deposits
being stored in the heart muscle along with the HHV-6 virus itself. Disclaimer, I think it was Komaroff but my broadband today is
to slow to play video's in order to fact check this, sorry.
This link I'm sure your more familiar than I and if not you would certainly have a better understanding of its content, is full of good stuff.

As for exercise, I live on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Va. (I've been here since before there was dirt) with the Appalachian Trail behind
my home and on a part of the trail called the "Roller Coaster". I think I would give up if I had to quit hiking. I didn't stop when I went through a
year of Chemo, it's like my last remaining stress reliever I have left, I hear you, but I sure hope I don't have to give it up, but if I' am very adversely
effected, I will, but so far I seem to require a hour long nap after, but not any real noticable consequences, but I'm only on day 4 of treatment, I
may well be changing my tune.