Valaciclovir and PEM

I am new here, although I have suffered from M.E for 20 years after contracting EBV and CMV.
I have been taking 1000mg a day of Valaciclovir to see if it will help my M.E symptoms. I have noticed I have a bit more energy but nothing major yet. I over did it last week and now have bad PEM, my main symptoms are swollen glands, feeling fluey, headache.
What I was wondering, from other peoples experiences, do you up your Valaciclovir dose when you get those symptoms? Or do you use something else to try and reduce the swollen glands etc… would be just interested to hear other peoples views on this.


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I don't get the swollen glands anymore (had them badly in first few years of illness) but I used to use Vit C and Zinc lozenges back then....they helped take the edge off viral type symptoms slightly/bring the glands down a little.

Worth a try anyway.