Vaccine Side Effects

Hi All,

Got my first Pfizer dose Monday last after two years of living under a rock. Have active Lyme and took a chance on getting the first dose to try and engage with society more.

The side effect have been incredibly debilitating. My muscles are burning, I've a termor pulsing all over my body and vertigo/body swaying when I walk. My body is so "wired" it won't switch of to let me get some sleep. When I do drift off I get jolted back out of sleep again.

I've never experienced anything like in nearly 15 years of CFS/Lyme. Any help or ideas of what might be happening or what I can do would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Sorry to hear you're having those side effects. I think I've seen suggestions of NAC, vitamin C, magnesium, and some other supplements that may help. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I can chime in.

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Interestingly, all the symptoms you describe are ones i normally get whenever i have my presumed herpes virus (hsv1) recurr, which is way too often. Any chance it stirred up sone herpes? The vax has been known to do that. Might be wirth a trial of valtrex if you tolerate that

You mention you have Lyme. Do you have neuro Lyne? Maybe reactivationof any bug affecting cranial nerves and other things will give same symptoms. If lyme would a course of antibiotics help with that?

Found this thread searching for vaccine side effects because I wanted to ask if anyone who has lasting side effects from the vaccine has any vascular side effects. Include changes in blood pressure, changes in skin color especially palms or souls of feet getting red or white or blue, could be loss of body hair - what else would be vascular? But looks like this is a new thread and will look for some older vax side effect threads.