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Use of PCR tests???

I noticed the physician I went to see did not use PCR tests to try to discern what viruses I might be
infected with. Yes, sure, you can do a viral titers, but I believe that should be done in conjunction with
a viral PCR test. So, have any of you experienced your doctors ordering PCR tests in trying to nail down
exactly what virus they are trying to suppress??

And, if so, what LABORATORY are they using? For example Focus Laboratory in Cypress California has an
excellent reputation in infectious disease, as does ARUP??

If your doctor uses PCR, do you know what laboratories is s/he using?

Thanks much!



Senior Member
I know that Quest Diagnostics does PCR DNA tests on EBV and CMV. Another lab that does is Bioreference Labs.

The one that is notoriously difficult to get a PCR done for is HHV6.