Urine test for CIRS

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My daughter who is compleley bedridden is asking me to find out about a test for CIRS, I know there are blood tests out there but she has difficulty with that in tat her veins are not good for getting blood so she is asking about a urine test,
So does anyone know how I get a urine test for CIRS, - the GP is no use btw,
A simple free online test for CIRS is the visual contrast sensitivity test (VCS). This visual test utilizes your eye's ability to detect shades of contrast as a means to gauge exposure to mold toxins.

CIRS doctors say if your VCS test comes out positive, it suggests you may be exposed to mold toxins (or other biotoxins), and have a mold-induced illness. 92% of people with CIRS illness have a positive VCS test.

I don't know anything about urine tests for CIRS though. I am not sure if Shoemaker-trained CIRS doctors use urine tests. These mycotoxin urine tests were used by Dr Joseph Brewer, who has a different theory about mold in ME/CFS patients (Brewer suggests ME/CFS patients may have a mold infection in their nasal cavities, and uses an antifungal nasal spray to treat).
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To add to what Hip has said, Shoemaker does not use urinary mycotoxin tests and is actually opposed to them, believing that the tests can not distinguish between recent dietary exposure and pathogenic mycotoxins (ref). However, Brewer and many other mold exposure practitioners do advocate for the use of urinary mycotoxin testing, and I have even seen Shoemaker-trained docs use them. My feeling is that the skill of the practitioners adds a great deal of value to the interpretation of the test.

CIRS, however, can not be diagnosed by identifying mycotoxin exposure alone. It is the body's inappropriate inflammatory response and immunologic inability to clear the toxins, along with a history of exposure that defines a CIRS. I agree that a VCS test is an easy first step, although I wonder how many people with non-mold induced ME/CFS would pass the test.

To me, CIRS seems like ME/CFS but with biotoxins as the identified cause. It seems to also be heavy on the neurological symptoms (hence the positive VCS test). Below are symptom clusters taken from the CIRS diagnostic consensus.

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