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Hey, guys! I've not been on here in ages, at least a year. I wanted to give y'all an update.

I got lucky. I got so incredibly, inexplicably lucky. I've recovered about 50-75%.

I don't know what happened or how or why, but all of a sudden things just started getting better. I'm not where I was before by a long shot but I'll take this new normal.

I can walk, talk, read, and write all the time. I can work an easy job and I even did 2 weeks of (very mild) crossfit before my heart said hell no to that. I live in constant fear that it might get bad again, but I'm still able to live my life.

I sincerely, genuinely hope someone else out there is able to achieve the same level of "recovery" I have.

I hope you all are doing okay and my personal message box is always open to anyone needing to talk


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Brilliant news! Really hope it continues – it's always great to hear that someone's got so much better.


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@lgibson2017 That's awesome! :D Thanks so much for coming back and sharing! :D :D

I laughed out loud at the Crossfit statement. I tried that once a long time ago, I was jogging by the gym and they invited me inside and what happened next was so much punishment. ;-P lol -- that was it for me, haha

Keep going strong, fight the good fight! We're rooting for ya!