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Unrelenting Cognitive/Mental Exhaustion

Curious if anyone can relate and if so, have you found any treatment(s) that help?

Though I was hyper-active as a child, I have always felt cognitively sluggish. The way that I have described it to doctors is, 'staying upright, focused, and productive is simply not possible.' And, my symptoms have only worsened since physically crashing in my mid-30s. I have also had life-long stomachaches, anxiety (principally physiological) and not surprisingly, extremely poor memory.

Unfortunately, my cognitive problems have made a potential recovery much more challenging.


Senior Member
Could it be the orthostatic intolerance aka low blood pressure when you're standing and sitting?
Lack of blood to the brain (if you already know then sorry for patronising)...is called hypoerfusion...of oxygen and glucose.
For me, because i stood a lot, over time, the effects just cumulated until I could do nothing.
I still get the symptoms but like everyone else. there are bad days and better days.
For me, the key has been taking thyroid hormone (glandular) and pacing, and generally destressing as much as possible.