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UK ME/CFS Biobank requires further blood samples from people with severe ME/CFS and from healthy con

charles shepherd

Senior Member
More help required with research involving people with severe mE/CFS:

This study is being funded by MERUK: Call for severely ill participants

Prof Julia Newton’s team at Newcastle University are working on an ME Research UK-funded project on severely affected ME/CFS patients (housebound or bed-bound, including in a wheelchair) , and have put a call out for participants living in the Northern Region (the North of England from North Cumbria to Teesside).

There are two phases to the project. The first is a postal survey consisting of three optional questionnaires – this will help the team to compile a register of severely affected people. The second is to select some people from the register for more in-depth assessment in their own homes.

For more details, patients, their family members or friends should email the Severe ME/CFS team at 'meresearchuk@newcastle.ac.uk', or contact: ME Research UK Severe ME/CFS, BRC Office, Old Victoria Wing, Old Ward 1, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle, NEI 4LP.

The background to the study can be read here http://bit.ly/S2yeDx