UK Lyme test advice

In the UK, other than a positive IgG for B. burgdorferi - has anyone got any other recommendations about what other tests should be done to rule Lyme's in or out please? This is many years after likely infection so I am wondering if there are any treatment options, drs with an interest in Lymes/CFS?


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I haven't done any testing other than the standard PC doctor's office testing but I'm in several Lyme groups on FB.

Igenex comes up a lot in discussions. I think someone even mentioned that a chiropractor can order them.

There was another one someone mentioned recently but I can't find it currently. Sorry. I didn't like their site though because they required a log in to see pricing. :(

However, in my looking for it just now I did find another site...a doctor's site really...that talks about the different kinds of Lyme testing.

I just kinda let my eyes wander down the page as I have a hard time focusing at this time of the day but it did seem rather comprehensive in explaining the different types of testing available with positives and negatives about each.

Hopefully, it will be helpful to you and your daughter.

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Oh, I'd be very curious if the C6 is still being offered in the UK. As far as I know, it's not in the US. Alternatively, even the CDC is now allowing an additional diagnostic to the ELISA plus Western Blot. It is now, from what I understand, allowing whats call a MTTT, specifically two first tier tests, but one has to be a version of the VlsE/C10.