Tyramine / Amine Intolerence?


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So last night I had some sort of extreme vertigo attack. I suddenly became very dizzy and could not see or think straight. I immediately layed down to see if it would help. The super dizziness mostly subsided but I still had a very strong feeling of unwell.

I decided to check my BP. Standing it was high (136/91 66). Reclining it was normal (117/79 64). So I think I was having an episode of orthostactic hypertension.

I got to thinking about what could bring about such a sudden change. Food? Could it be the piece of blue cheese and the piece of dark chocolate I ate earlier? I did a little reading and discovered tyramine and amine intolerence.

Most of what I read seems to talk about a reaction with MAOI's, which I am not taking. I did come across a mention of people with migraines possibly being sensitive to tyramine. I get lots of migraines. Did not have a migraine last night though.

Is it possible that my orthostatic hypertension attack was caused by tyramine sensitivity? If anyone has any information or ideas I would greatly appreciate it. I am thinking about seeing my GP and asking to see a dietitian. I worry about coming off as a kook though. My theory is plausible, right? Still feeling ill this morning. My head is not right.


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I've just begun to read about this, so I can only bring up a few things.
The MAO enzyme is needed to metabolize biogenic amines, such as histamine, tyramine, etc.

MAOI's block this enzyme, resulting in the accumulation of unmetabolized tyramine, causing side effects, such as hypertension.

Here's an article that lists a surprising amount of herbs that act as MAOI's :


Green tea is also an MAOI. Many of the herbs contain quercetin and berberine, both MAOI's.

The MAO enzyme contains copper, which is necessary for biogenic amine metabolism.


I don't get migraines but have an MAO polymorphism and boy did I develop an intolerance to amines and Tyramines. BP would skyrocket to 185/110.