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2 weeks ago I started taking tylenol daily (500-1000mg). My headaches and nausea have went down significantly after taking it. My headaches started from a viral infection. Has anyone had success with tylenol in treating their headaches? Does this rule out CFS? Still searching for answers.... thank you.
Hi aussie777 -- I get lots of headaches and other pain, and nausea. I take tylenol sometimes. I take naproxen at times. I take ibuprofen at times. I find ibuprofen works the best over tylenol likely becuase it decreases inflammation. Really they just relieve the symptoms for a bit but I still have other symptoms all day long, day in and day out. I guess if your only symptoms are nausea and headache, it would rule out CFS. Do you have other symptoms?

perchance dreamer

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Taking Tylenol is supposed to interfere with methylation in some way, but I don't remember the details. Both my doctor and nutritionist told me that years ago when I started with methyl donors. I assume they meant long-term use.


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You can get rebound headaches from Tylenol and it is really hard on your stomach and kidneys and liver.

I take 2 Ibuprofen a day for sciatic pain WITH food and don't have problems