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Two brands of Zinc Citrate with different fillers?

I have been using this brand for about 9 months now... https://www.thorne.com/products/dp/cdn-zinc-citrate

I ran out, and the other day I bought this... https://www.sisu.com/our-products/zinc-citrate

The only difference is that now I'm getting magnesium stearate, stearic acid in the new capsules

I noticed as I added it in that those days my anxiety went way up, and today is the worst. I can't take this new stuff for some reason. Does anybody know if it's a common issue with those two ingredients?
Or maybe it's because I've removed the L-Leucine or Silicon Dioxide from the old Thorne supplement??


Senior Member

the brand can make a BIG difference, and spending more money doesn't necessarily mean better quality.. Unfortunately, it's been all trial and error for me, too.

Now that I've found which supplements work for me, I've been focused on finding the best formulation/brands. I've been trying to get rid of anything w silicon dioxide, and titanium dioxide... Mg Stearate is tough to get rid of, unfortunately... but, I'm not sure it bothers me, either..

Re Zinc, this one is good for me.. No silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide, but has Mg Stearate:


Most vitamin c is derived from corn; I find corn-free vitamin C works way better for me... here are a couple: