Two antiretrovirals at the same time

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My doctor has prescribed Isentress and Viread to begin taking them at the same time. It seems most people on this forum begin one drug and a week later start another. My doctor believes resistance could occur in one week if only one drug is taken. She is basing it on her experiences with HIV since not much is known about Xmrv. Has anyone done it this way and what were the results.

I am happy and excited over the possibility of getting better but, also, afraid of the potential side effects of the drugs.


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Wishing you all the best for this treatment. We'll all be interested to hear how you get on and of course, hoping that it works for you.

There are other threads on this forum that spoke about the order to start in but I think most mentions AZT. Is your doctor experienced in that drug as well and decided not to use it in this case?

This is the bit I was thinking of is anyway

<<<"The most promising combination is Tenofovir, AZT and Raltegravir..most start a week or so with AZT then add raltegravir (Isentress, MErck) for a week then add tenofovir..never use the raltegravir alone as the unintegrated DNA can cause a cytokine storm similar to the one that causes many of the symptoms...the AZT cannot get to the tissues so that is why the tenofovir."
This conversation is from the 13 th of august 2010. There might be changes to this as time goes by i guess>>>

Hopefully other experienced ARV patients will be able to chip in and share their thoughts/experiences