Tweet Elon Musk and ask him to fund Vtose for ME


Improved ME from 2 to 6
Alexandria, VA USA
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to do some good in the world and tweeted that he would like suggestions for philanthropy. I tweeted him back that he should fund VTose for ME.

Elon, fund VTose for CFS/ME. Has a confl of interest w/ the insurance industry (disabil ins) so not funded. 2.5 mill people chron disabled in USA. Funded at 15mil/yr, needs 200 mil. Best shot is experimental VTose but underfunded. Please review.

Please support this request by quoting and retweeting this post along with a note him to fund it.
Mr. Musk's twitter is @elonmusk.

Thank you

@Kimer Med
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