Trial finds vitamin D supplements may reduce risk of autoimmune disease


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Were their levels tested before supplementation.
Because if they were low and normalizing it has this effect then thats important to know vs someone who lives in a sunny country, gets lots from the sun and is already at a normal level.


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I’ve seen other studies saying the same thing. Personally, I have found that the higher the vitamin D I take, the better I feel. I learned about the connection between vitamin D and autoimmunity when I started taking 2,000 IU and my psoriasis started clearing up a bit so I searched it on google. At 5,000 IU daily I had normal vitamin d levels during a blood test and psoriasis nearly disappeared. I’m currently taking 10,000 IU daily and have higher energy levels, less brain fog, and no psoriasis.


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I wonder if there any downsides from daily supplementation of vitamin D 2000 IU and fish oil each meal.

Vitamin D should only be taken with vitamin K2 to make sure calcium is redirected where it's needed. Regarding fish oil it should be fine as long as it's natural fish oil mainly, it's best when it's tested for heavy metals to make sure that one do not counteracts omega 3 benefits with mercury for example. Some people still can have some adverse reactions to these supplements, but I think it's because something else is needed. There were also some adverse reactions in people who took way too much omega 3 for too long. As with everything, too much is also not good, same goes for vitamin D, if someone takes for example 20000 IU daily for many months, it may be too much, that's why blood tests are useful here.

It is said that someone who doesn't go out a lot, just like people with ME, needs at least 4000IU vitamin D daily and that's for maintenance only. I think it's important. Regarding fish oil, daily recommendations for EPA + DHA is 250mg and more. For healing much more of both is needed.


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Is anyone here familiar with the Coimbra protocol for autoimmunity?

I saw one doctor familiar with the protocol explaining that there is no such thing as "absolute levels" of vitamin D for everyone. You have to take into account your parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels as well. That is how they are able to treat MS patients with extremely high levels of vitamin D, which would be toxic for other individuals.

Relevant paper: