Tremors. Anything that helps?


Psalm 46:1-3
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As in the title... has anybody managed to help their tremors?

Have you checked all your medications to see if this is a side effect of any of them. Even herbals can sometimes do this. I tried Otoba Bark recently and that gave me horrible inner tremors.


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Thank you for the replies :). My tremors are brought on by eating but also come on and off. Yesterday they were v extreme. It’s in my whole body but emanate from my core, they are coupled with a general lack of coordinating my movemen and other neurological nastiness. GABA supplement appears to keep them at bay.

I also get weird visual stuff which appears to be a combination of low lysine and tryptophan. I don’t understand why I’m suddenly very deficient in all neurotransmitters. It is very strange! I don’t have classical CFS but something unique and had a ‘crash’ 3 -4 weeks ago and just can’t get back on top of it at all. It seems ridiculous that I could suddenly be that low in all NTs and I wonder if I’m missing something central. Also all my amino acids appear to be at fine levels on a blood test. Urg.

Any suggestions of vitamins or nutrients known to regulate synthesis of neurotransmitters serotonin/GABA would be most graciously appreciated. B6 is definitely helping! Thanks guys 💖