Treatment of reactivated CFS after Vaccine

Hi everyone,

how are you? I'll do my best to make sense and not be too long. The brain fog has gotten to me lately. I posted in my intro that it seems my current state is caused by the vaccine messing with my immune system and causing hashimotos as well as reactivated EBV. That was always my worst one. I no longer have access to the dr whom diagnosed me. He passed recently. I have fibro, CFS and RA. I unfortunately had to go on Medicare recently but glad to have insurance. I was treated with Valcyte in the past. I sleep 14 hours a night and could sleep more.

I'm concerned about these viral titers being so high with no treatment. I wanted to make a post to see if anyone had any ideas or similar circumstances. I'd be happy to also share anything about my 20 years of all this! Thanks Everyone.